We have the tag, which is very useful.

We also have the tag, which is not. What applies to a citizen of Finland will be very different from what applies to a citizen of Albania or the European parts of Russia or Kazakhstan.

I propose we get rid of the tag. I expect most of them should be tagged instead, and any others should be tagged by a non-eu country-specific tag.

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I went through the remaining questions and either removed the tag or retagged it dependent on the circumstances so this is now


I agree, for the reasons given. The only thing that usually matters is whether a person is a citizen of a particular entity or not, and there is no such political entity as 'Europe'.

There should be tags for citizens of all political entities, where questions arise for those entities.

  • In started editing questions accordingly, but since these end in a review queue, better let anyone with more rep do that.
    – user6860
    Sep 12, 2018 at 16:07

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