Six of my recent questions have been downvoted, but none of the downvotes have been explained. Could anyone explain what's wrong with them?

screenshot of downvotes reputation change

These recent questions of mine are currently all scored at -1:

The two questions marked with * are slated for deletion within the next days (The system will automatically delete negatively-scored, unlocked, and unanswered questions that are older than 30 days), so will soon only be visible for users with access to moderator tools (requiring 2k reputation, thus not currently including myself).

Some advice on how to improve would be helpful, because my questions are apparently not well-received in this community.

In the past my questions weren't so poorly received, and I'm not sure what's changed.

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    Seeing that the downvotes were all done on your 0-scored questions, I'm a bit suspicious about that... Try flagging one of your post and request politely to investigate if this is consider as serial-voting or not.
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Nov 22, 2018 at 6:36

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System has picked up something from a user who is serially targetting. We're sending a warning now. Can't tell you "why" they're doing it, but can at least send them a message about it. Hopefully it should ease up.

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