This question is about an issue affecting an ex-pat Belgian citizen. It doesn't have a tag indicating the location, mainly because there isn't a suitable tag. There is a tag "Belgium", but that is for "issues affecting ex-pats in Belgium" (my emphasis).

It only has 28 questions, which suggests that adding a few more won't overload it. I suspect that many people who watch the "belgium" tag are likely to be able to offer advice to citizens too.

Adding a "belgian-citizen" tag feels like overkill, but it is the obvious alternative.


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For now let's use the current scheme where refers to any question about being resident in Belgium, and for any question where the question is about someone who has Belgian citizenship. While there's definitely an overlap, I don't really see an issue with adding separate tags to make it more in-line with our other tags, as there are enough differences between the meaning of the two tags.

Note that after adding the tag it might be worth going through the tag and checking whether any of them could be re-tagged or addiotionally tagged


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