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(When) are questions about salary level (job J, country C) on topic?

Prompted by this question: Average Salary for C# , K2 Developer in US, Canada , Germany This one sounds both too broad (several countries) and too specific (what is K2 Denallix?). The last reason ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Relocation vs travel?

Pretty obviously relocation from one country to another at some point requires physical travel. Which aspects related to relocation should be considered off-topic here, as they should rather be ...
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8 votes
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Overlap with Personal Finance & Money

I've seen lot of comments and close votes on question regarding anything financial as off-topic here and belonging on Personal Finance & Money. Since lot of such a question will inevitably appear, ...
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Can we keep an eye out for off-topic questions?

As already discussed to some extent on: Beware the slopes of “As an expat …” and When does travel become residency? there are a few questions creeping in that are just pure travel questions. For ...
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