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Do we want to participate in the 1 rep voting cap experiment?

This Meta thread here explains in detail. Obviously this site is far less trafficked than others, so it may not fairly represent either the positive or negative aspects of this idea. It would be good ...
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We aren't voting enough!

In 2014, Mark Mayo recommended to Vote early and vote often. In the past quarter, only 8 users voted more than 10 times, including 0 moderators (assuming the user voting report can be trusted). In ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Vox Populi badge - why so few have it?

We have 700+ users. Sure many of them are once-off or casual, but only 9 of them have the Vox Populi badge. The benefit of getting this badge is you're providing encouragement to other users. If you ...
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Does a voting fraud detection script run during the private beta?

The site is in private beta and there are only few active users so it's likely to upvote many posts of one user. Does a script run to detect serial up/downvoting during the private beta?
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