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Proposed tag synonym: pension + retirement-funds

I propose to make these tags synonyms: pension retirement-funds
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Can questions that would apply equally to locals be on-topic?

This question on German labour law would basically apply equally to German locals. An employer tells an employee to stay home (in this case, to run errands specific to immigrating; but the answer ...
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Expats vs Expatriates?

It may already be too late for this, but any thoughts on making it expats.SE rather than expatriates.SE? I've lived in several countries now and been part of a few expat communities, and it's very ...
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How well-sourced should answers be?

MeNoTalk's answer to this question gave me pause before thinking about voting for or against it. It's anecdotal, and so low on verifiability, but possibly of use to someone asking the question. But ...
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Can we keep an eye out for off-topic questions?

As already discussed to some extent on: Beware the slopes of “As an expat …” and When does travel become residency? there are a few questions creeping in that are just pure travel questions. For ...
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Generalize regarding a scenario versus being specific about a given location

I asked and answered a question yesterday about child registration for US citizens in Israel. In response to my answer, Tim commented: This applies to basically every country where the US has an ...
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Beware the slopes of "As an expat ..."

This hasn't become a major problem, but I'm seeing it creep into some of our initial questions. Part of it is just the usual breadth that initial questions take, where folks are equally focused on ...
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What shall we name our chat room?

I hope it's not too early to start asking what to name our chat room. One name per answer, please.
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What version of country names should we use?

What would be the best way to identify countries, both in questions/answers and in tags? As this is an English-based site, for questions and answers I think it makes the most sense to use the ...
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Should we have two sets of country-specific tags — one for country of origin, one for country of location? With what nomenclature?

I tagged a question france and usa, but realised the tags alone still make it ambiguous whether it's a French in the USA or a US citizen in France. Should we have two tags for each country: one ...
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Should we consolidate National ID Number tags?

I've just added a tag for national-id-number to this question for the purpose of easily finding questions related to the various National Identification Numbers used around the world. Should we still ...
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When does travel become residency?

Where are the boundaries between travel and residency? If I go on a one-month work holiday, do I ask here or at Travel? If I go on a 5-month Erasmus Exchange project, do I ask here or at Travel? If ...
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