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Senior Software Engineer, full-stack web since 1994. My day job is working on a range of new and legacy web apps, covering mobile, API/middleware, CMS, MLE, intranet search, and customer insight among others.

Aside from that, I'm a tenor, renowned tap dancer, dad of two, punster. One or more of these may be exaggerated.

These days: Scala/Play 2/Slick 3, React/Redux, node.js/Express, jQuery, JavaScript, Freemarker, Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL. All on OSX.

In the past: MongoDB, Oracle, ColdFusion, Firebird/Interbase, Object Pascal, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC. Various linux (principally Ubuntu, Mandriva, Mandrake, Red Hat), Windows 3.1 through 10, RISC OS.

Touched: PHP, perl, Solaris, SunOS.

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