On 23 October, I asked:

Can I start the Krankenkasse application process before moving to Germany? (currently deleted, moderator tools needed to view)

On 21 November, it received a downvote, reaching score -1. On 24 November, it was deleted by the Community♦ user.

Since then, I have discovered the answer to the question. Despite the downvote and deletion, I believe this question and my answer could be useful to future users. I have voted to undelete the question. If two more users do the same, I can answer my own question (which will prevent automatic redeletion if I'm quick enough). I hope some users may agree that the question can have value for other users.

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The question was deleted automatically as it had a downvote, and being in negative points without an answer was auto-purged by a bot. Since the question is on topic and looks useful, and the downvote might have been errorneous, I undeleted the post.

To avoid this problem in the future we need to vote more: We aren't voting enough so that the points on a question reflects the community consensus more - otherwise downvotes can quickly make questions deleted by the bot

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